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“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope”Martin Luther King, Jr

This memorial website honors Renate W. Goepp, March 16, 1920 — February 4, 2013. Renate was born in Berlin, Germany, the eldest child of George Wolff and Ida Christiansen. She is survived by her brother, Peter Wolff, her son, Julius Goepp, and the family of Philip Goepp, her husband: Susan Goepp Kryger, Philip Goepp and his wife, Michelle Cherrier.

Please visit the Life Story pages to see and remember Renate’s long and productive life. Any errors are, of course, those of the website’s creator, Julius Goepp. Email me, please, at, with corrections and emendations.

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Renate in 1941 Renate’s Mother, Ida Renate’s Father, Georg With Lee Lynd and Julius about 1963 Phil Goepp II Phil II April 1966 Phil II Monson 1962
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